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The FSSP is an international society of Roman Catholic priests founded in 1988 through direct involvement of Pope St John-Paul II and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.The FSSP's mission is two-fold: first, the formation and sanctification of priests with the help of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite, and secondly, the pastoral deployment of the priests in the service of the Church (currently serving in 120 dioceses on 4 continents). 


The FSSP has had a permanent presence in the UK since 2000. Currently it is canonically established in the dioceses of Portsmouth, Northampton, Liverpoool and St Andrews & Edinburgh where Holy Mass is offered daily (weekly in Northampton). It also serves monthly in the dioceses of Brentwood, Dunkeld, Cork & Ross and Ferns.


Canonically the Fraternity is similar to the Vincentians, Paulists, Oratorians or the Maryknoll Fathers inasmuch as they make promises like diocesan clergy rather than take religious vows; and like religious they lead communal life and abide by specific Constitutions approved by the Holy See according to the charism of their founder(s).

About the FSSP
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In England: FRATERNITAS SACERDOTALIS SANCTI PETRI LIMITED--Registered charity number 1129964

In Scotland: THE PRIESTLY FRATERNITY OF SAINT PETER--Registered charity number SC038552

In Ireland: THE PRIESTLY FRATERNITY OF SAINT PETER LIMITED--Company registration number 403966

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